Sunday, July 31, 2016

Names in Seven Languages

Many names are used around the world. They tend to be similar in every language. Here is a list of common names in seven languages:

English: David, Frances, George, James, John, Laura, Mark, Mary, Paul, Peter 
Dutch: David, Francisca, George, Jakob, Jan, Laura, Mark, Maria, Paul, Pieter
German: David, Franziska, Georg, Jakob, Johann, Laura, Markus, Maria, Paul, Peter
French: David, Françoise, Georges, Jacques, Jean, Laure, Marc, Marie, Paul, Pierre
Italian: Davide, Francesca, Giorgio, Giacomo, Giovanni, Laura, Marco, Maria, Paolo, Pietro
Spanish: David, Francisca, Jorge, Jaime, Juan, Laura, Marcos, Maria, Pablo, Pedro
Portuguese: David, Francisca, Jorge, Jaime, JoãoLaura, Marcos, Maria, Paulo, Pedro

These names are similar in the languages listed here. The names John, Paul and Peter have different forms in many languages. David, Mark, Laura and Mary vary far less.

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