Sunday, May 28, 2017

Types of Doctors

Doctors specialize in many different areas of treatment. The number of different types of doctors is extensive. Here's a small list of doctors with different specializations:

allergist allergies
anesthesiologist pain relief
cardiologist heart
dermatologist skin
endocrinologist hormones
geriatrician elderly
gynecologist female reproductive system
hepatologist liver
immunologist immune system
nephrologist kidney
neurologist nervous system
oncologist cancer
opthalmologist eye
orthodontist teeth
orthopedist musculoskeletal system
otolaryngologist ear, nose and throat
pediatrician children and adolescents
podiatrist foot and ankle
trichologist hair and scalp
urologist urinary tract

Doctors treat many different parts of the human body. The list given here only identifies a few types of doctors. The list is restricted to those who treat humans. Of course doctors who treat animals are known as veterinarians.

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