Friday, July 8, 2016


My latest poem is Home. Here it is:

My land of birth, my childhood home
You remain through these passing years.
It matters not where I now roam,
You knew all my hopes, dreams and fears.

I lived under your endless sky,
Swam in your sea and breathed your air.
You heard me first speak, laugh and cry.
I learned so much under your care.

Under your countless stars of night,
I dreamt scenes of awe and wonder.
I felt your light winds and warm sunlight,
Your gentle rains and loud thunder.

As time passes with my return,
I feel joy to be here with you.
In my heart my fire will burn,
Love of precious memories old and new.

Though my new home may now be far
And my visits not so frequent,
I will never forget that you are
My faith, hope and love abundant.

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