Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vocabulary of Austrian German

Austrian German differs from other varieties in pronunciation and vocabulary.  Many words are different from those used in standard German.  Here is a list with the standard word on the left and the Austrian on the right:

Abitur Matura (high school diploma)
Geldautomat Bankomat (ATM)
Schornstein Rauchfang  (chimney)
Treppe Stiege (stairs)
Krankenhaus Spital (hospital)
Umschlag Kuvert (envelope)
Anlieger Anrainer (resident)
Kartoffel Erdapfel (potato)
Johannisbeere Ribisel (currant)
Brotzeit Jause (snack)
Blumenkohl Karfiol (cauliflower)
Aprikose Marille (apricot)
Mais Kukuruz (corn)
Tomate Paradeiser (tomato)
Pflaume Zwetschge (plum)

Many of the words in the list are related to food.  The Austrian words for food are often similar to those of neighbouring languages such as Hungarian and Slovenian.  However, despite the differences in vocabulary between Austrian German and standard German, the speakers of both varieties usually have little difficulty in understanding one another.

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