Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The title of my latest poem is Explorers, a tribute to the explorers who sailed across the globe to discover land and treasure.


They sailed across vast open seas
In search of new land and treasure.
They embarked on distant journeys
Ready to face untold danger.

Brave explorers of former years
Promised to fulfill their duty.
Learning to overcome their fears,
They sacrificed for their country.

They added knowledge of cultures,
Discovering spices, tea and gold.
Monarchs awaited their treasures,
Precious goods to be bought and sold.

Though their vessels sailed long ago,
Explorers brought worlds together
With famed discoveries that echo
In our spirit of adventure.

My poem has four stanzas of four verses each.  In each stanza the odd and even-numbered verses rhyme.  Each verse is eight syllables long.  The final two verses of the poem tie the explorers of the past to the explorers of the present.

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