Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bach, Mozart and Beethoven

Many musicians consider Bach, Mozart and Beethoven the greatest classical composers.  They are undoubtedly among the most popular composers of all time.  Though their music shares similarities, it also has differences.

Bach lived during the Baroque era.  Unlike Mozart and Beethoven, Bach wrote no operas.  Beethoven, however, only wrote one, Fidelio.  The music of Bach is complex.  It has a very even tempo, is cyclical and makes extensive use of the organ.  His music also uses counterpoint.  This means that there is more than one melody at the same time.  In contrast, the music of Mozart and Beethoven has a melody and accompaniment.

Mozart lived during the classical era.  His music sounds more conservative than that of Beethoven.  It is very expressive and structured.  Though he died young, he was very productive and wrote more music than many composers who lived twice as long.  Much of Mozart's music is very joyful and romantic.

Though Beethoven lived during the classical era, his music is often a reflection of the romantic era.  In fact, his music is a reflection of both the classical and romantic eras.  In addition, his music went through three distinct periods in which it changed and developed.  Beethoven tended to focus on orchestral pieces.

Bach, Mozart and Beethoven are famous classical composers whose music is played throughout the world.  Familiarization with their styles makes it easy to distinguish the music of the three composers.  The music of Bach is characterized as complex and uses counterpoint.  The music of Mozart and Beethoven has a melody and accompaniment, but Mozart is more conservative and less dramatic.  Without question, these three composers left an immense contribution to the world of music.

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