Sunday, September 29, 2013

Four Seasons Drink

The drink called Four Seasons has fruits that represent every season of the year. The four fruits in the drink are usually mango, orange, pineapple and guava. It has a blend of different fruit flavours.

The seasons of the fruits can vary depending on the variety and the region where they are grown.  Also, some fruits are ripe in more than one season. Many varieties of oranges, for example, are ripe from fall to spring. However, if they first become ripe in fall, it is possible to classify them as a fall fruit.

Here are the seasons which can be assigned to the fruits of the four seasons drink:

pineapple (summer)
orange (fall)
guava (winter)
mango (spring)

The four seasons drink is a combination of different fruits. It can be considered a fruit punch. However, the fruits in a fruit punch are usually not fruits that represent the four seasons.

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