Monday, August 8, 2011

Northern Lagoon

Here is my latest poem, a poem inspired by the Blue Lagoon of Iceland. I've never been there but think it must be an oasis of warmth in a northern landscape.

Northern Lagoon

In northern air lagoon water is rare.
Warmed by many active volcanoes near,
Sky blue waters warm guests with time to spare,
Many guests who return year after year.

Though long days of winter turn dark and cold,
Northern lagoon resists her frigid air.
Wishing to remain outside winter's fold,
Lagoon waters stay warm for guests to share.

Northern lagoon strengthens mind and body
With mineral waters to cleanse and heal.
This northern lagoon represents beauty,
Health and tranquillity her great appeal.

Found surrounded by quiet, stark landscape
Northern lagoon offers scenes of contrast.
Thermal waters provide welcome escape,
Bringing mind and body rewards that last.

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