Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long-awaited Dream

I wrote "Long-awaited Dream" when I was living in Japan. It is one of my most romantic poems.

Long-awaited Dream

I want to love you deeply, let you know
I want this feeling to last forever.
My heart never knew I could love you so,
Magic moments I'll always remember.

I see you in dreams with passionate mind
From sunrise of morning to late at night.
So loving, wonderful, gentle and kind,
Your soft skin and sweet smile my heart's delight.

Scent of your hair and breath upon my face,
Sparkling eyes of beauty placed next to mine,
Your soft whispers and light touches of grace
Enchant me with their wonder so divine.

We are creating paths of adventure
Learning and growing on each stepping-stone.
We have now become part of each other.
Parts of innermost hearts we have made known.

Place your hand into mine, then close your eyes.
Feel my wild heart beating just for you.
Bond your soul with mine, forge eternal ties,
Become my long-awaited dream come true.

"Long-awaited Dream" consists of five stanzas with four verses each. The rhyme scheme is a regular one in which the first and third verses and the second and fourth verses of each stanza rhyme with one another. The number of syllables in each verse is ten. In order to achieve a syllable count of ten, the word "wild" in the second verse of the final stanza must be counted as two syllables. For me this poem will always be very special.


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