Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exciting Chess Game

I played an exciting game of speed chess against Tcet of Croatia.  In this game my opponent played black.  We attacked from start to finish.  Here are the moves of the game along with my commentary:

1.  e4 d5
2.  exd Qxd5
3.  Nc3 Qe6+

The check achieves nothing.

4.  Be2 c6

This is an excellent square for the knight.

5.  Nf3 h6
6.  0-0 Nf6
7.  d4 Qd6

Now black can advance the king pawn.

8.  Be3 e6
9.  h3 Be7
10. Qd2 b6
11. Rad1 Ba6
12. Bf4 Qd8
13. Bxb8 Bxe2

I hope for Qxb8 or Rxb8 so that I can win the bishop on a6, but black does not fall for this.

14. Nxe2 Rxb8
15. c4 0-0
16. Ne5 c5

Black fails to prevent the fork.

17. Nc6 Qc7
18. Nxb8 Rxb8
19. d5 exd
20. cxd Bd6
21. Nc3 a6

Black prevents Nb5 which forks the queen and bishop.

22. Rfe1 Nh5
23. Re2 Nf4
24. Re3 Nxg2

Black's move surprises me.

25. Kxg2 Bf4

Black's knight sacrifice allows him to pin my rook with his bishop.

26. Rde1 Re8

Black wants to increase the pressure on e3 but this move is a mistake because I can check.

27. Rxe8+ Kh7
28. Qd3+ g6
29. R8e7

My fork of the queen and pawn convinces black to resign.  With my control of the e-file and my material advantage, I have a dominant position. 

This is a memorable game.  It features a knight sacrifice and pin by my opponent, a check that enables me to break the pin, and a rook fork that ends the game.  The key move of the game is undoubtedly my 27th move, Rxe8+.

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