Monday, May 28, 2012

Canadian Football

Canadian football is a variety of football that is played in Canada.  Though it is similar to American football, it nevertheless has a number of differences.  The football, the length and width of the football field, and a few rules are different in Canadian football.

One major difference between Canadian and American football is that in Canadian football the field is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide.  Compare this to American football in which the football field is 100 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide.

The football is also different in the two sports.  In Canadian football it is a little bigger than in American.  The Canadian football has two white stripes but the American football has none.

The number of players is also different.  In Canadian football twelve players are present on the field, but in American football there are eleven.

A significant rule difference concerns the number of downs.  In Canadian football a team has three downs.  This is one less than American football which allows four.  Since Canadian football has fewer downs, Canadian football tends to have less offensive rushing and more passing than American football.

Another rule difference is the single.  In Canadian football, if a kicker misses a field goal but the receiving team catches the ball and fails to return it out of the endzone or if the kick goes through the end zone, a single point is awarded.  In American football, no point is awarded.

Without question, American football is better known than Canadian.  However, Canadian football enjoys great popularity in Canada.  Despite the similarities between the two sports, many differences also exist:  these include the length and width of the football fields, the football, the number of players, the number of downs and the single point which only Canadian football allows.

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