Monday, May 10, 2010

Thrilling Chess Game

I recently played a chess game at that I will never forget. It was definitely one of the most thrilling games I have ever played. My opponent was Cremac from Scotland who played black. Now I provide the moves of this memorable game along with my commentary.

1. d4 d5
2. c4 dxc
3. e4 e6

The move e5 is very interesting here. If black plays e5, white cannot take the pawn because black can then capture the white queen and force white to recapture with the king. This prevents white from castling and leaves white with doubled pawns which are difficult to defend.

4. Nc3 Nc6
5. Nf3 h6
6. Bxc4 Bb4

I restore material equality.

7. 0-0 a6

Black is behind in piece development.

8. a3 Bxc3
9. bxc Nf6

I have a strong pawn centre.

10. Re1 0-0
11. Bd2 Na5
12. Bd3 c5

I cannot capture the pawn because this allows the black queen to capture my bishop on d3.

13. h3 c4
14. Bc2 b5
15. e5 Ne8

The knight on e8 is now very defensive.

16. Qc1 Bb7
17. Nh2 Rb8

This move is too passive. Nc7 is a better move.

18. Ng4 Qd5

Black threatens mate on g2.

19. f3 f5
20. Nxh6 gxh

I sacrifice my knight to expose the black king.

21. Bxh6 Rf7
22. Qg5+ Ng7
23. Re2 Qd8

Black wants to reduce my attack with an exchange of queens.

24. Qg3 Kh7

I decline the offer to exchange queens. Black attacks my bishop.

25. Bg5 Qd7
26. Qh4+ Kg8
27. Bf6 Bd5
28. Rae1 Nc6
29. Kf2 Qe8
30. g4 Ne7

I want to open the g-file.

31. Qh6 Kf8
32. gxf exf
33. Bxf5 Rb6

The bishop is immune to capture. The knight on g7 is pinned. If black plays Nxf5, Qh8 is mate.

34. Rg1 Ng8

The black knight attacks my queen and bishop.

35. bxg7+ Ke7

The rook cannot take my bishop because then Qxg7 is mate.

36. Qxb6 Rxf5

I have the advantage but the position is complicated. I must play accurately.

37. Qd6+ Kf7
38. Qg6+ Ke7

I do not capture the bishop because I want the rook.

39. Qxf5 Kd8
40. Bf6+ Nxf6
41. exf Qf7

I have a double attack. My queen attacks the bishop and my rook attacks the queen.

42. Rg7

White resigns because the only move by the queen, Qf8, allows Qd7 which is mate.

In this unforgettable game, I sacrifice a knight to launch a powerful attack against the black king. Actually, I am not completely certain that my sacrifice is sound. Such a sacrifice is called a speculative sacrifice. In this game, I rely on my intuition in the hope that my sacrifice can lead to victory. Though black is on the defensive for most of the game, I must play carefully to maintain the initiative.

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