Friday, May 14, 2010

Oriental Gardens

I lived in Tokushima, Japan from 1996 to 1998. During this time I wrote "Oriental Gardens." I hopy you enjoy it.

Oriental Gardens

Coloured fish swim away in bright sun.
Medieval gates welcome day after day.
Soul and mind come together as one.
Longing for peace, longing to stay.

Plants abound whenever eyes meet.
Flowers send out true warmth and grace.
Together the two wanderers greet,
Planting each visit in their hearts' place.

Rocks form rights of passage across water clear.
Protecting here lies one grand castle wall
For artistry within is held very dear,
From times long ago to times that now call.

Though life comes with many changes at hand,
Oriental gardens serve for enduring reflection.
These hosts build bridges of constand demand
To wondrous new worlds of harmonious reflection.

In this poem, I create the sense of repetition. This is reflected in the first verse with "fish swim away." The words "day after day" and "longing for peace, longing to stay" do the same. In verse two, the plants and flowers are personified because they greet wanderers of oriental gardens. The third stanza personifies the castle wall which protects all within its territory. The rocks are also personified because they offer rights of passage. In the final stanza, "bridge" can be interpreted both literally and figuratively. It can be the bridge which is typical of an oriental garden and it can represent the garden which is a link to a world of harmony. "Oriental Gardens" was inspired by my visits to many beautiful gardens in Japan.

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