Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Words Without Vowels

How well can we read words without vowels? When we read words, we don't read each individual letter. We learn to recognize combinations of letters. Surprisingly, we can read words without vowels very well.

Here are a few sentences to illustrate:

H.w  w.ll  c.n  y..  r..d  th.s?

't  .sn't  s.  t.  r..d  w.rds

Wh.n  w.  d.n't  wr.t.  th.  .f  w.rds,  w.  c.n  wr.t.  s.  q..ckl..

Th.s  .s  tr..  n.t  .nl.  f.r  b.t  .ls.  f.r  .th.r

Th.s  .s  .  f.n  .x.rc.s..

How well can you read this?
It isn't so difficult to read words without vowels.
When we don't write the vowels of words, we can write so quickly.
This is true not only for English but also for other languages.
This is a fun exercise.

Our ability to read words without vowels indicates that the human mind doesn't read individual letters but words as a whole. The human mind can also read scrambled words as long as the first and last letters are the same as in the original words. This is the reason we can read quickly.

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