Thursday, April 14, 2016

CV Analysis of English Numbers

The English numbers from one to ten can be analyzed with respect to their consonant and vowel sequences. With the exception of seven, they're all monosyllabic. Let's examine their CV sequences.

Here are the numbers with their respective CV sequences:

one CVC
two CV
three CCV
four CVC (CV for non-rhotic speakers)
five CVC
six CVCC
seven CV.CVC
eight VC
nine CVC
ten CVC

In an analysis of the English numbers from one to ten, we can make a few observations. We have eleven syllables because the number seven is disyllabic. Of these eleven syllables, we have the following CV sequences:

CVC (6)
CV (2)
CCV (1)
VC (1)
CVCC (1)

The most common CV sequence is CVC. The other CV sequences are far less common. We have a complex onset in only one word, three, and a complex coda in six.

90% of the numbers from one to ten are monosyllabic. Most have simple onsets and simple codas. The CVC sequence occurs in more than half of the syllables. It appears that the CVC sequence is very common in English syllables.

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