Thursday, July 11, 2013


Marzipan consists mainly of sugar or honey which is added to ground almond.  Sometimes almond oil is also added.  It is often added to chocolates and cakes.  The origin of marzipan is not clear.

In Latin American marzipan is often made with ground peanuts instead of ground almonds.  In the Middle East, marzipan is flavoured with orange-flower water.  It can also be made with oatmeal or semolina.  In the Indian state of Goa, cashew nuts are used instead of almonds.

Many historians believe that marzipan originated in Iran.  Others believe that it originated in Spain.  Marzipan is the most famous dessert of Toledo, Spain.

Though the origins of marzipan are not clear, it is enjoyed in many countries.  Lubeck, in northern Germany, is a city which is famous for its marzipan.  Another city, Toledo, claims marzipan as its most famous dessert. Regardless of the origins of marzipan, it is enjoyed by many all around the world.

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