Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Offensive Battle

I played a game of speed chess at chess.com which was an offensive battle from start to finish. My opponent was Sahaladin of Bosnia who played white. Here are the moves of the game along with my commentary:

1. e4 c5
2. f4 d6
3. Nf3 a6

I want to prevent a check from the black bishop on b5.

4. Bc4 e6
5. a3 Nc6

White's fifth move does not seem necessary. A better move is Nc3.

6. 0-0 Nf6
7. d3 Be7

Now I am ready to castle.

8. f5 exf

Though it is possible to castle here, I decide to capture the f-pawn to win a pawn.

9. exf Bxf5

I have an extra pawn but my king is in the centre.

10. Nh4 Bg6

White targets my bishop. I want white to capture my bishop so that I can recapture with hxg6 and open up the h-file for my rook. My plan is to combine my queen and rook to target h2.

11. Nxg6 hxg

The game goes according to plan. I no longer want to castle kingside because I need my rook on the open h-file.

12. Qe2 Qc7

The black queen pins my bishop. My queen protects my bishop and prepares to target the h2 square.

13. Bg5 d5

It is possible for me to castle queenside here and unpin my bishop. I decide to play aggressively instead and attack the white bishop.

14. Ba2 Qxh2+

I have control of the h-file.

15. Kf2 Nd4
16. Qd2 Ng4+

I have the initiative.

17. Ke1 Bxg5

A better move for me is Qe5+ which attacks the bishop on g5.

18. Qxg5 Nxc2+
19. Ke2 Qxg2+

With no desire to face my four extra pawns and dangerous attack, white decides to resign. The game might continue as follows:

20. Kd1 Nce3+
21. Ke1 Rh2

If white plays Kc1, I play Qc2#.

22. Nc3 Qxf1#

White castles but loses the pawn shield around his king. I do not castle but generate sufficient threats to prevent white from continuing his attack. The key to victory in this game is my ability to maintain the initiative and control the h-file.

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