Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pig Latin

Pig Latin is the name of a pseudo-language used by English speakers. It is often spoken by children and adults who do not wish to be understood by others. It can thus be characterized as a secret language.

The rules of Pig Latin are simple. To change an English word to Pig Latin the onset of the first syllable is transferred to the end and "ay" is added. For example, "Pig Latin" becomes "Igpay Atinlay and "speak" becomes "eakspay." If the word begins with a vowel, the onset is unchanged but "way" is added. Other variations of Pig Latin add "ay" and "hay".

Here are eight questions with their Pig Latin equivalents:

How are you? Owhay areway ouyay?
What's your name? Atswhay ouryay amenay?
Can you help me? Ancay ouyay elphay emay?
Do you speak English? Oday ouyay eakspay Englishway?
What did you eat for breakfast? Atwhay idday ouyay eatway orfay eakfastbray?
Where do you live? Erewhay oday ouyay ivelay?
How old are you? Owhay oldway areway ouyay?
Do you like French cuisine? Oday ouyay ikelay Enchfray isinecuay?

Pig Latin is a fun game which many enjoy. The rules of Pig Latin are simple but it can be a challenge to have an entire conversation in this language. Even if one is familiar with the rules of Pig Latin, it takes practice to become good at speaking and understanding it fluently.

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