Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As summer approaches, I thought it would be appropriate to include one of my poems titled "Summer." I hope you enjoy it.


In full bloom flowers stretch to capture sun.
Summer reveals green meadows and clear skies.
Joyous about summer, temperatures rise.
Birds rejoicing in song unite as one.
Captivating summer colours arise,
Reflected in all flora and fauna.
Temperatures of noon become a sauna,
Occasionally cooled by drops of rain's cries.
Lush green forests replenish summer air.
Aided by wind, fires cause great destruction
But many trees of the forest they spare.
Summer creates life and jubilation
Evident in the joy all creatures share
And witnessed by abundant creation.

My poem has 14 verses. The rhyme scheme is a, b, b, a, b, c, c, b, d, e, d, e, d, e. Each verse consists of ten syllables. Though this is a short poem, it is one of my favourites.

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