Sunday, February 14, 2010


"Snowflakes" is the title of my latest poem. I wrote it on February 9th of this year. Now I want to share it with you.


Finely formed as droplets of cloud,
Crystals of white make their descent.
Snowflakes make heights of heaven proud.
Viewers watch to their hearts' content.

Though small, all snowflakes are unique.
No snowflakes share the same design.
This only adds to their mystique
As they fall over forest fir and pine.

Snowflakes provide wondrous displays.
Inside are triangles, prisms,
Hexagons, arrowheads, sunrays,
Needles, bullets, stars and columns.

On quiet days of cold winter
Snowflakes drop over land and sea.
They send forth hope, love and wonder
And sprinkle landscapes with beauty.

In this poem I express the complexity and wonder of snowflakes. I personify them in parts of the poem. One example is found in the first stanza which states that they make heights of heaven proud. Another example occurs in the final stanza which mentions that they send forth hope, love and wonder.

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