Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ski Jumping

Long skis glide over hardened icy snow,
Knees bent and arms stretched to gather speed,
He ignores every spectator below,
Focus on victory now his only creed.
In swift descent his blood begins to flow.
He appreciates his superior breed.
He keeps his arms and legs positioned low,
Anxious to protect his precarious lead.
Snow becomes air and arms turn into wings.
Every fleeting second looms through his fall.
His unrivalled height makes him king of kings.
After landing superbly he stands tall.
He anticipates more championship rings
This day ski jumping crowns him above all.

When I lived in Finland, I had the chance to see live ski jumping. It was an incredible experience which I'll never forget. Though I enjoy watching ski jumping on TV, it's much better in person. The experience inspired me to write this sonnet about ski jumping.

This sonnet starts with a description of the ski jumper starting his jump. He knows that he belongs to a special group of individuals who take part in this exciting sport. The snow below him disappears as he takes off. Every second is critical to his success. He completes the jump with a great landing and expects he will have continued success in the future.

The rhyme scheme of this sonnet is a, b, a, b, a, b, a, b, c, d, c, d, c, d. The sonnet has a number of references to the ski jumper's jump and subsequent fall. They include "below", "descent", "fall", "king" and "height".

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